Get a shop at Lanwshop platform:

If someone wants to come to online business without creating any website then Lwnshop is for them. In Lnwshop one can easily Open shop on lnwshop platform [เปิดร้าน lnwshop, which is the term in Thai] and become a part of online selling business. And coming to online business is important for every business owner. Because by that a person can target more audience than comparison to old marketing tricks. And as everyone knows most of the people are online. And those people do shop online because they get variety of products. Without even going to market.

So, that makes every business owner that they should also move towards online business. By moving into an online business one can cut the competition easily. And also, can increase the sales figure for their company. That what matters to increase sales and it can be improved by going online. So. Don’t waste any time and open a shop at Lnwshop.

Translate the document easily

If someone wants to Thai to English translation [แปลภาษาไทยเป็นอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai] of their document. Then don’t worry it can be done easily without any error on it. The person just needs to get in touch with the freelance or the translation company. who is professional in this field and can translate the document easily? And there is no error in the translation and charges should also be less. These things can be done by any freelance or the translation company.

 Ask the time and price

Before giving the project always ask the time and price for the project. That at which time the project will be delivered and how much the cost of the work. Because the cost and timing vary according to the difficulty level of the translation document.


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