Investment in gold can be very helpful:

Many people have gold in their jewellery section box. But not many people have gold in their investment portfolio. Because there are only a number of people who invests in gold as their investment purpose. So, that in future after selling it one can get profit from it. And also many people think that Gold price [ราคา ทอง คํา, which is the term in Thai] are very fluctuating. It can make some more profit on their capital investment or lose all their money. And that is thing that stops someone from investing in gold.

But that thing should not be considered. As gold is also traded on the stock platform so, it is obvious that the rate will fluctuate. But the thing is if someone looks at the records then they will understand. Over the years the price of the gold has increased. So, investing in gold is always a nice option.

Ups and downs are part of stock

Yes, the market has also seen such situations when the gold price was low. But it was never that low that it touches its 52-week low. And that thing happened only once or twice. But the growth is consistent over the years. And no one can deny that in the past 50 years the gold price has increased or not. Because there are records available on the internet. And one can check all the records and do the price comparison. Then one can understand how much it has the potential to grow the money.

Always trade carefully in gold

One thing to keep in mind that while trading in gold that doesn’t get emotional. Stick to facts and figures. Because a slight mistake is enough to lose the money. And no one wants that to happen with them.


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