The Locum Tenens Industry: Dips, Troughs, Medical Staffing and much more

As the locum tenens market is without doubt a significant one, with several medical staffing agencies indexed by BusinessWeek’s investing resource guide, exact figures concerning the industry are tricky to find. Too little obvious industry definition, no central, accountable reporting agency along with a dynamic medical industry make exact figures difficult to pin lower, only one factor is for certain: the locum tenens medical staffing market is worth vast amounts of dollars, and it is value, probably, will simply increase.

Among the primary explanations why the is really difficult to track is a result of the numerous professions that come under the word ‘locum tenens’. Since the term means temporary placeholder, or substitute, many professions might have such temporary professionals: teachers, lawyers, local clergy, etc.

Even just in the greater clearly defined locum tenens medical staffing and medical recruiting industry, there are lots of doctors that actually work temporarily or as fill-ins: you will find locum tenens anesthesiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, surgeons, neurologists, etc. By 2005, the of temporary doctors working at facilities within the U . s . States was believed to value $14 billion yearly, several which was designed to grow in an annual rate of 15 to 25 %.

However, these figures are contradicted by estimates from 2009 showing the healthcare recruiting industry worth $8.8 billion yearly, lower from $11.4 in 2008. The loss of healthcare recruiting was matched by declines in other staffing industries (for example clerical staffing) with all of these declines largely because of the newest recession.

Using the recession now ended and hiring picking support, the need for the temporary medical staffing and recruiting industry ought to be rebounding too. Which rebound ought to be fairly robust like a secondary cause of the very most recent industry downturn would be a reduction in the amount of patients seen by medical facilities as more people lost their own health insurance using the recent federal healthcare overhaul taking effect, huge numbers of people who could have been otherwise uninsured will have insurance. Which means that the medical industry generally should keep growing, helped along by a maturing U.S. population.


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